Raaljaca has been betting for over 40 years since the days of smokey Betting Shops, ITV 6, Vidiprinter, Minimum 5 homes, 3 aways and jumpers for goalposts.

Like every punter he won some and lost loads as he bet on anything and everything. What happened to change this? The bookmakers introduced goals betting! Raaljaca almost by accident realised he was winning on goals bets but losing on the Win Draw Win markets so due to a successful business life which allowed him to retire very early he devoted a very considerable amount of time to studying these markets and found the key to beating the bookies.

A very simple equation is goals offer only 2 markets Over or Under and the prices are reflected in the fact the bookies do not have much leeway in this.

From posting on internet sites Raaljaca has built up a very large dedicated following through his proven ability to find excellent value in the markets he tips.

Sport Tipster through considerable negotiation has now persuaded both Raaljaca and his friend Mattyp to allow anybody to follow them by giving them their own site.

Join the guys today and turn your betting around by ditching the markets the bookies love you betting on and start beating them regularly with the proven goals markets.