Maobi 25/11/2015

I got to know Raaljaca at another site and he personally helped me recoup some of the money I gave away to the bookies. He ranks amongst the best tipsters I've ever encountered and I make bold to say he is the most genuine tipster in the world.

Stephen 18/09/2015 @Stephenmck1985

I've been following Raal since coming across him on another site and all you can say is this guy is top class. He does this for the pleasure of himself, and everyone that follows him, beating the bookies. He backs all bets given to us and shows exactly how you can make money consistently from gambling.

If you're thinking about subscribing, do it and you won't regret it.

dodgy 13/09/2015 @Twitter dodgy2459

great tipsters me like many would never pay for tips BUT the proof is in the pudding you have changed the way i bet ,so cant thank you enough

Frederic 12/09/2015 @HkiBuzz

Thank you guys for sharing what took you years to learn I suppose. More than just actual tips this is a good place to learn about discipline, market choice and staking plan.

James Stanton 11/09/2015 @nufcstanton

The best around! Bet each tip level stakes and watch your bank roll grow!

BeardedGeordie 11/09/2015 @MartinJStephens

Fantastic site and the lads are great, very friendly and always helpful, had the odd chat with Raal and has taught me so much about betting, it's a great place to come for well researched tips.

Stephen Sproule 10/09/2015 @SprouleSteve

I've never been one to follow tipsters as half of them are just guessing their way through £10-1000 challenges but these guys are my kind of tipsters. Stick with them and you will 100% make money as long as you stick to the golden rule of level stakes. Good guys as well which makes it all the better. Pretty much the main reason I'm gambling while away in Oz as this pair are so successful. Hopefully be a member for years to come!


Andrew 09/09/2015

Feedback great site raal hopefully gunna have some great wins too

Pete 08/09/2015 @atwickpete

Cant recommend highly enough. I started following Raal maybe a year ago and didnt punt then just kept an eye on what sort of results he was getting and about 3 months ago decided to get involved. Excellent results including a fourfold that paid me over 1000/1 !! . That was a freak but steady regular winners have seen me increase both my bank significantly, and my confidence in him. The best bit really is he doesnt tip for the sake of it, and you might go a few days without a bet, which is fine because the strike rate when he does tip is incredible. Yes, there are losers, and there will be losing runs to come but if you stick to level stakes and increase those level stakes steadily as your bank increases you will win money, and good money at that.

Good luck with the site, you've got me for a year